Spearmint Mentha spicata

In our gardens you’ll find peppermint, apple, orange, chocolate and spearmint. Documented the oldest of all mints, Spearmint is next to Peppermint as the most popular of all mints and for good reason. Spearmint is considered the “mother” of all mints, while all other mints are thought to actually be the offspring of spearmint.

In teas, and often used in toothpastes and other items, spearmint offers a fresh, cool soft mint flavor that warms and uplifts.

Spearmint tea can ease digestive issues. It’s considered a stimulant and is accompanied by relaxing properties which offers a nice balance to the nervous system.

Because of its cooling effects, the essential oil would be a great addition in a blend for easing respiratory issues. When using the oil on the skin, it must be well diluted as it’s considered a skin irritant. If you aren't sure of safe dilution rates and safety, visit us at Aromatherapy by Soul Essentials Duo on Facebook to get safe, effective advice.

Let us not forget the beautiful Spearmint hydrosol which is very cooling and perfect for summertime use. With options to use this remarkable herb, you can figure out how to add it to your healthcare armory.

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