Healing with Faith

I have a ritual of planning articles ahead which involves research, organizing and and then begin my preliminary article. I was writing my article for a few weeks when a lovely family came into the campground where we had our R.V. parked. My husband travels with his work and we were in North Carolina for 3 lovely months. Getting to know the family that arrived changed my article and I hope you bear with it. The family had set up a large tent across from us. Striking up a conversation, I introduced myself and my pugs, Lillie and Rosie. I met John and Christen and their four beautiful children, 4-8 years of age. John worked and Christen home schooled their children. They had one vehicle that was paid for when she lost her job. John had to take a lesser paying job and unfortunately then had lost their other vehicle, home and other personal items. When we met, they'd been homeless for 3 months. The campground owner had been generous, allowing the family to stay for a small fee. John was able to provide food and clothing and could afford a small place, but finding one to fit the budget had been difficult. Relatives were kind, inviting them to stay and they had occasionally, not wanting to burden anyone.

My heart was overwhelmed when I heard their story, one we often hear about, of people financially burdened and loosing all they own. Like Joseph and Mary and the new born Child, they have no place to stay. They were a strong Christian family and despite their peril, were happy and content, always with a positive outlook. The children, when not being home schooled, were laughing and playing. They could brighten anyone day with their joy. I wanted to make them something special to help keep them healthy through the winter months and Christen was excited about my offer. She was also excited at the prospect of learning about essential oils. And during that time got to know each other better and we became friends that, to this day, we still cherish.

With winter at the door and the need to keep the family healthy, we discussed having a good holistic health plan in place. The plan would help Christen keep the family healthy year round. Christen, like me, already used herbs and collected healthy "weeds" as part of her holistic health plan.

We chose oils, not only for the healthy part of them but we wanted aromas that the family liked. They decided on oils that reminded them of Christmas and winter outdoors. When I told the children about the gifts brought by the Magi, the Three Wise Men, in the Gospel of Matthew and how they visited Jesus after his birth, brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, the kids wanted to smell frankincense and myrrh. We got some funny upturned noses to the aromas. However, once we starting blend other oils in everyone began loving the aromas.

Since Christen had limited knowledge of essential oils, we discussed how essential oils could support and maintain health by supporting the immune system, easing colds and flu, help fight off viruses and more. We also discussed their use as analgesics, anti-inflammatories, anti bacterials and sleep aides . (1) (2)