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Our Quality Control  


Here at Soul Essentials Duo. all our products our made from Certified Organic ingredients.  GC/MS Analysis reports from our suppliers are always reviewed prior to purchasing the essential oils that we use here at our lovely little store.   We want the best for you, your family and our family!  

When we create our products, we start by reviewing the GC/MS analysis reports for the chemical components within the oils so we can determine the best oil for the use we have in mind.  Once oils are chosen for a blend, we then chart and document all the data and includes therapeutic actions, safety, contraindications, aromatic notes and any other pertinent information.  We then get the joy of blending.  Finding a beautiful balance of aromatic notes gives it a balanced aroma that is appealing to the senses.  It takes time to create each of our products so we ask that you be patient with our perfection.          


Lovingly Yours, Rehne Burge-Soul Essentials Duo

From Rehne Burge, Professional Aromatherapist and Owner. 

We love testimonies.  It helps us know how we can improve on our services, product and more so we can serve better.  Please leave a comment or contact us at Thanks for stopping by,
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