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Our grandchildren are fun, energetic and active children.  Like yours may need, they need extra protection! Being prepared with safe and loving products brings peace of mind. After all, they are why we practice safe effective use of essential oils.

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I have put my heart into reviewing safety for children. But each child, like us, are unique and react differently to anything and that includes essential oils. When blending our products, we keep in mind not only the individual oil safety, but the overall minimum to maximum percentage for all oils. 


Safety is our first concern.  Despite all we’ve done to help keep your young ones safe, always do a small skin patch prior to full use.  If no reaction within 10-15 minutes, the product should be fine.


There is a recommended topical use chart available on our blog.  You can find more on this on page 47 of Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Ed. 2007, Tisserand and Young.  


We put safety first.


Carrier oils are made from plants and can include nuts, seeds, or fruits.  Some carrier oils include coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil and jojoba oil (although this is really a wax) and includes lotions and creams.  They aren’t volatile like essential oils are.  They tend to be heavier than essential oils and are very safe for the dermis (skin).  Essential oils can irritate skin and cause serious reactions, sensitization and dermatitis.  Carrier oils are used to dilute to prevent a reaction.  This does not dilute the effect or power of the essential oils and in fact helps to bind the essential oils. This keeps essential oils from evaporating so quickly thus allowing time for the oils to absorb into the dermis more efficiently. 


Our smooth cream is the perfect “carrier” for essential oils.