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Spearmint Mentha spicata

In our gardens you’ll find peppermint, apple mint, orange mint, chocolate mint and spearmint. Documented the oldest of all mints, Spearmint is next to Peppermint as the most popular of all mints and for good reason. Spearmint is considered the “mother” of all mints, while all other mints are thought to actually be the offspring of spearmint. As I'm walking through the gardens, I'll pick off a leaf of mint to chew on and enjoy the fresh flavor. Each one of these mints have their own unique, resfreshing flavor. In teas, and often used in toothpastes and other items, spearmint offers a fresh, cool soft mint flavor that warms and uplifts. Spearmint tea can ease digestive issues. It’s consider

Navigating Tisserand and Youngs 2007 2nd Ed. Essential Oil Safety Book

Please excuse the appearance of my copy of Tisserand and Youngs' 2nd Edition of Essential Oil Safety, 2007. I do pride myself in how I care for a book. I have since this picture repaired my precious book. It is in this condition out of much use and love. I rely on it daily and have for many years. It is the one book that started with my career as an Aromatherapist. It is the book that explained to me the importance of respect for oils and sustainability, the importance of having a basic knowledge of essential oil chemistry, the importance of safety, knowledge before use and so very much more. According to Tisserand, the book is based on reading 4,000 research papers over 25 years. It

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