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Jasmine Facial Serum

Soothing Facial Serum by Rehne

With summer coming to an end and fall creeping in, my skin is going through a phase so I'm going to whip up a serum to use under my moisturizer. I've used this same recipe for several years and love it. I use hempseed because of the gamma-linolenic acid which helps reduce those tiny lines. The second is apricot kernel oil. I love this stuff. It's used in cosmetics because it absorbs nicely into your skin. It's a great source of oleic acid which is why it penetrates to well. It's also rich in vitamin E. The last one is camellia seed. It's also high in oleic acid and it's perfect for dry, dry damaged or aging (eek, me) skin. Some other choices that contain oleic acid is avocado, argan, lovely sweet almond, and marula. The three oils I chose are Jasmine, Neroli and Grapefruit, three of my favorites. Grapefruit needs to be kept under 4% of the overall product to avoid skin irritation. The dermal maximum suggested for Jasmine is 0.7% of the overall product to avoid irritation as well as the aroma could be a bit overwhelming, especially on the face. and the Neroli has no safety concerns. HOWEVER, Neroli is often adulterated so be sure to purchase from a company that analyzes their oils by an outside lab. OK, why these oils? Let’s take a gander.

Chemistry (major components only)

Neroli Citrus aurantium var. amara

Jasmine Absolute Jasminum grandiflorum

Grapefruit Citrus paradisi

NEROLI: Monoterpenes: b-pinene (10%), d-limonene (16%), Monoterpenols: linalol 44%)

JASMINE: Esters: benzyl acetate (15%), benzyl benzoate (23%)

GRAPEFRUIT: Monoterpenes: d-limonene (95%)

Neroli: Pain reliever, inflammation, muscle tension and spasms. antibacterial, skin healer, depression, skin care, sedative, emotionally grounding, muscle tension

Jasmine: pain reliever, muscle tension and spasms. antibacterial, skin healer, depression, skin care

Grapefruit: Pain reliever, inflammation, anti-bacterial, immune stimulant, enhances skin penetration, anti-oxidant, astringent, uplifting, emotionally supportive

Now for the recipe:

1/3 ounce each carrier oil

5 drops each Jasmine and Grapefruit, 10 drops Neroli

Blend well. I use a squirt bottle and cotton ball. Apply to your freshly washed face under your moisturizer.

Enjoy-Love, Rehne

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