Keeping Kids Healthy During Winter

Patches of Thyme

"For wisdom will enter your heart and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul"(Proverbs 2:10 NIV)

As we head into fall, winter and the holiday season those with children may be thinking about the illness' that are passed around and around. The immune system is the body's strongest defense against infection. As herbalists many of us have had our kids right there in the gardens, and the kitchen growing up. I know mine did. Take your kids out to the garden, show them that plantain leaf just picked can help the itching from a bug bite. One of our daughters grew up reaching for the calendula salve every time she went in the pool. Having your children outside also is imperative for Vitamin D. As we do this we will be passing on some wonderful ancient traditions. Young children can benefit so much from the gentle healing of herbs. Let’s discuss some ways to keep our children healthy during this upcoming season.

Nutrition can play a huge role in keeping healthy. Keeping your diet to wholesome healthy foods can go very far. Things like kiwi and strawberries are full of vitamin C, as is broccoli and kale. Extra vitamin C is helpful for fighting off an infection or an illness. Cranberries are high in vitamin C and are very beneficial to ward off kidney and bladder infections. Cucumbers also are great for kidney and bladder help as they are a very gentle and natural diuretic. If you have teens in the house they will enjoy making a skin tonic as it is great for acne help. Pop some grapes in the freezer for a yummy sweet treat. Your kids will get the added benefit of extra vitamin A, B, C, and including calcium, and potassium. Snacks like this can help avoid the sugar cravings. Make some bone broth and have your kids help you chop vegetable to make a delicious nutritious soup. Add plenty of garlic and onions to help the immune system stay healthy. Some medicinal herbs can also be added directly to a soup. Some to try would be dandelion root, burdock root or astragalus. This goes without saying but keep the white sugar away as much as possible as it weakens the immune system.