Formulating Sprays for Personal Use

When making a room spray, body mists or perfume, you would need a preservative, disperser, and a soluble.

Using water alone will not work since water and oil are polar opposites, meaning they repel each other and will not blend.

I wanted to give you the simplest way to accomplish this without trying to figure out which products to ensure your product is safe to use and effective.

We all like making our own home remedies but if those home remedies aren’t formulated correctly, instead of killing off the ‘bad’ microbes, your product becomes a breeding ground for the growth of microbes, defeating your purpose. Instead of killing off the bad germs, you are attributing to their growth.

Those who use water or water-based products without a preservative are creating the perfect place for microbes to grow as well. You need a way to preserve your product to inhibit bacterial growth and contamination. If not, again you would be supplying the perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

A preservative is a chemical substance that will slow down or prevent the growth of living microorganisms, which include not only bacteria but also mold and fungi that commonly contaminate products.

There are many options for a preservative but here we will discuss the use of alcohol for a preservative. The correct alcohol not only can preserve your product, it also works as a proper solubilizer and diluter for your essential oils.