Essential Oil Topical Use and Children

For topical use, Tisserand speaks of this on page 47 in the 2nd Edition of Essential Oil Safety, 2007. He lines out age specific topical use, keeping in mind the individual oil safety guidelines. The chart he provides is:

I quote “Age-related recommended and maximum concentrations of essential oils for massage:


Essential Oil Concentration

Recomneded (%) Maximum (%)

Premature infant 0 0

Uo to 3 Months 0.1 0.2

3-24 months 0.25 0.5

2-6 1.0 2.0

6-15 years 1.5 3.0

15 + years 2.5


Continuing quote from Tisserand “These concentrations are not research-based, and should be taken as helpful suggestions rather than absolute rules. The particular oils used and the health status of the individual are also important factors.”

As with his diffusion advise or anyone, apply your Mommy instincts. Always look up individual safety of essential oils as some are not meant to be used topically on children. These are guidelines for what is considered “safe” for children.

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